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Table of contents Analyse Fall 2008 - Tishri 5769

    • Editorial - September 2008

Rosh Hashanah 5769
    • Faith and Life

    • Protection and Dissuasion

    • Memorandum on the present dangers to Israel and the Jews
    • Bioterrorism
    • Ghosts from Vienna’s Past

    • The security barrier

    • Avoiding scars

    • Mayer - Mattie
    • Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow
    • The Sinai Centrum
    • Mind and Spirit

Crimes and Justice
    • The Hunt

Ethics and Judaism
    • Time to Desist

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Memorandum on the present dangers to Israel and the Jews

Professeur Moshe Sharon.

By Professeur Moshe Sharon
1. The trap

Two rings of mortal danger are closing on Israel:
The narrower is the Middle Eastern Arab ring and the wider is the Islamic ring. These two rings are interacting with each other sharing common purpose, and enjoying almost unlimited financial resources. The Arab ring comprises all the Arab countries including Jordan and Egypt, that have formal peace with Israel, whose final strategic goal is to supplant the Jewish state from the heart of the “Arab Nation.”

2. The Islamic ring

The Islamic ring consists of states such as Shī‘ite Iran and Sunnī Saudi Arabia, religious-political movements such as the Islamic Brotherhood and terrorist organizations which appear under various names, the most common are the HIZBULLAH, the HAMAS and AL-QA‘IDAH.
The Hizbullah and the Hamas (the first Shihite the second Sunni) are only two of the organizations connected with Iran, sharing with it the aims of the rest of the Islamic terrorist organizations, including the ones which are an integral part of the Plastinian Authority (like the Tanzim, the Aqsa Brigades, and many others under various names). Of all these organizations, the Hamas is the strongest, the most organized, popular, and the best equipped. Like the Hizballah, it is financially backed and militarily supplied by Iran. It is connected to groups of mujahidin in many parts of the Islamic world, some directly operated by al-Qa‘idah. All these terror organization partly belonging to the Arab world, share with the latter the goal of eliminating Israel.

3. Islamization of Europe

Concurrently, Islamic activity, outwardly non-militant (or law-scale militant) has been intensively growing all around the Western world particularly in Europe. Its aim is to establish Islam as a permanent, active, and prevailing component in the Western societies, gaining political power, undermining Western civilization and reducing Europe into a satellite of the Islamic world.

4. Muslim usage of the West against itself

To forward their plans, the Muslims make use of Western democracy, Western political and judicial institutions, Western media, Human Rights organizations and the UN facilities and agencies. They are helped by the Western “useful idiots:” the Leftist organizations and individuals in the western political system and the Media, the intellectual communities and the Academic bodies, to get special concessions, undermining the Western values of freedom, in the name of “multiculturalism,” “human rights,” “freedom of worship” and so on.
Whatever is said here about the West applies of course to Israel.

5. Lie is the salt of man

In their dealings with Westerners Muslim spokesmen, politicians and propagandists use the customary bazaar tactics and language jugglery. “There are no custom duties on words” says an Arab proverb. The western mind cannot understand a culture in which a “good lie” is a merit. “Lie is the salt of man,” says another Arab proverb. Western civilization has yet to accept the fact that promises made by Arab or Iranian leaders, agreements signed, oaths taken, outwards signs of friendship (including hugs and kisses) are nothing but forms of the bazaar game, which the men of the East never take seriously.
From the Islamic point of view agreements with the infidel are only instruments to gain as much as possible from him, and give nothing in exchange. For since its appearance on the threshold of history Islam’s aim was not to live side by side with the Western world but live on its expense and ultimately to subdue it.

6. Islamic program: rule the world

Muslim rulers and scholars have not made secrete of the idea that Islam was destined to rule the world. And since Islam is triumphant by nature, it has never lost the hope of achieving this goal by force, by waging the Jihad – the Holy War, against the non-Muslims, whom the classical Muslim sources define as “the food of the Muslims.”
Jihad can also take a form of economic war and of quiet infiltration into the heart of the enemy’s society and institutions as is currently happening in Europe. However, much more important is the military aspect, for it is the essence of Jihad.
Iran is aiming exactly at this when she strives to achieve nuclear capacity, and put it to use either actually or as threatening weapon of control, harassment, and extortion.
The west is not yet alert to the Iranian danger because it cannot grasp the deadly combination of religious Shi‘ite Messianism and megalomaniac dream of the imperial revival.

7. Destruction of Israel and its Jews

The Iranian president promises the elimination of Israel. He means it, and he is supported by almost every Muslim in the world. He must be happy to observe that “humanistic and liberal” West that had sold the Czechs to Hitler in 1938, and abandoned the European Jews to their fate, is not reacting to his genocidal plans. The vicious Arab-Muslim anti-Semitism orchestrated by intellectuals, educators, politicians, religious leaders and media throughout the Islamic world from Pakistan to Morocco, is treated in much the same manner, and in many cases welcomed by the now fully awaken anti-Semite Europe.

8. Islamic messianic tradition: world without Jews

The elimination of the Jews is a common religious duty of all Muslims and has to do with the messianic expectations of Islam in general. All the most authorized Hadith (holy traditions) attributed to the Prophet Muhammad teach that the all Jews must be killed before the bliss of the End of Days can takes place. These Hadiths are extremely popular; they are frequently used in Friday sermons, quoted in the media and taught to children in schools side by side with the traditions which denigrate the Jews as “the sons of monkeys and pigs”.

9. The failure to understand the Muslim language

This grave situation is being ignored or played down by Israel and the Western leaders, particularly the Europeans.
The main reason for this irresponsible neglect, which has been leading to wrong decisions, is that Israel and the West do not understand the cultural language of the East nor speak the same language of Islam. They do not “think in Arabic” and cannot “imagine in Persian”. The West swallows the lies of the Muslims, let itself to be manipulated by them, ignores their threats and takes seriously their promises and succumbs to their intimidation. This stems also from the fact that already before WWII Europe had lost its will to fight. This led to the slogan “Better Red than Dead” of the Cold War period which has been transformed to “Better Mecca than Rome” of our time. Unfortunately such deadly ideas are already well entrenched in the Israeli discourse as well. In 2005 the present premier declared in America: “We are tired of winning.”

10. Before it is too late

However, the situation, grave as it is, is not a Greek tragedy. Things can be done to fight back particularly in the field of public opinion, alerting the “infidel” victims to the danger, already present on their doorsteps. On a different level, the Shi‘ite should concern the Sunnis as well. True, the Jannah (the Muslim Paradise) is wide for the millions of Muslims who would die in an Iranian Shiite style atomic Armageddon but it is also true that if they are alerted to this possibility in time, many of them would prefer to continue living on this earth.

11. Preparing plan of action

With the Europeans eager to secure the ME markets and price of oil Israel must act alone. Unfortunately the voice of Israel is not heard in the Arabic and Persian speaking sectors of the Middle East. The minds of the viewers and listeners are poisoned daily by Arab and Persian powerful media, but Israel decision makers have long ago abandoned the wish to fight back. They had left the field of counter propaganda to their enemies. Simple truths like the history of the Jews, their intimate connection with their land, the exposure of the lies spread by the Muslims against them and many more similar topics have long been deleted from the lexicon of Israel’s leaders and media. It should never be forgotten that most of the peoples in the Middle East are enemies of Israel. They must be treated as such, with vigor, self conviction and without fear using the clearest language which presents the Jewish truth without attempting to be “nice,” without apologizing: fight the Arabs and the present Iranian regime with their own language, using their tricks, expose their faults, creep through their own culture, play their game whenever needed. Use the rules of the bazaar; use their own weapons to defeat them. The Jewish people and its friends have the human brains and the experts to achieve these goals.

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